Saturday, December 27, 2008


Ira Grady Klingonsmith arrived on December 20th at 6:39 AM. He was 8 lbs. 12 oz. and was 21.5 inches long. Addie and Owen like to hold him and Kai is only partially interested in him. Owen was quick to learn that if you're holding the baby then other people are supposed to get you what you need so he would hold Ira and tell me 'blue blankie mom' or 'drink mom' and I was to get it for him. Kai is still calling him a her and kept asking why he wasn't having dinner with us...I guess he didn't notice me sitting on the couch feeding Ira for 12 hours a day. So far things have gone well, especially since Isaac's home so he takes care of the older kids and I get to hold the baby and appreciate all the faces and noises he makes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The crazy hat that my mom knitted that was going to be for the baby

My mom knitted a hat that was supposed to be for the new baby, Ira. Me, Kai, and Owen were all laughing because the hat was pointy like a witch's hat. Me, Kai, and Owen all got pictures of us with the hat on. Since my mom isn't doing this, her one and only daughter is doing it. So, that means that Addie is doing it. My mom just taught me how to do it just a few minutes ago. Well, back with the pointy hat my mom knitted. I think my moms aunt Linda taut her when we went down to St.George. In this picture Owen is adjusting the hat I think. Maybe he isn't, who knows. The hat is back behind the couch.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Movie Night

I just looked at my blog and just realized that 66 days of being pregnant is not very kind of made my day. I wanted to blog about our new tradition (hopefully). Thanks to an idea from some neighbors (thanks Maggie!) we started watching a 'special' movie every week, i.e. a movie that the kids haven't seen before. We pile into my bed with the laptop on my dresser, minus Isaac because he plays Friday night games with friends across the country. We started with The Sword in the Stone and it was a hit. Next we tried Casper which the kids liked because they thought it was scary but beware because it has the b word in it. Next we'll watch Hocus Pocus if we get it from the library otherwise we have Cool Runnings on hold as a backup. So far it's been great fun for the kids so I hope to keep it up.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a...

Our ultrasound yesterday went well...the baby looks healthy and is growing right on schedule. And the most exciting's a boy! Addie was a little disappointed but we looked through some newborn clothes when we got home and I think she's fine with it. Us girls will just have to stick together. The boys are very excited about another brother and now we just need to decide on a name. Any favorites you're willing to share? (They have to go with Klingonsmith so good luck!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Epitaph of a Microwave

For two reasons, this was a significant event in my life. First of all, this microwave was one of the nicest wedding presents we got (thanks Gram, Shelley, and Dad?) and when it started making abnormal zapping noises and smelled like burning metal, we had to toss it...and I realized I've been married long enough for one of our nicest presents to fail. But this is not all. When we went to replace it, we couldn't afford to get one even as nice as the first and ended up with a mini-me version that only cost us $45 (thanks to a leftover Christmas Visa card...thanks again Aunt Shelley)...and I realized that I've been married that long AND we could only afford a teeny tiny microwave. However sad this story is, it has a happy ending because the time spent living as students is temporary, just like microwaves.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's About Time

So it's been awhile since I've blogged. It is about time that we let those of you who don't know(if there are any) that we are expecting baby #4 in mid-December. Everyone is beyond's amazing how excitement increases as kids get older. Our ultrasound in on Thursday and there's lot's of speculation going on. I think the consensus is that everyone wants a baby girl but every once in a while someone will say something about a boy. I would love a girl because it seems like she would just round out the family. However, I have had quite a few boy dreams and have a boy name that I feel pretty strong about. Everyone will just have to wait until Thursday afternoon at 3:30!

Here's a few things to think about as we all wait...

boys are fun because they...

and even let their brother join in the fun.

Girls, on the other hand, are fun because they don't like to get
THAT dirty so we don't even end up with a picture.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a Pathetic Blogger

If there's an award for the most pathetic blogger, I'm sure I would win it. I love to read the blogs of my friends and family but for some reason I just can't keep up with my own. I guess I can just add it to the list of things I only do half-way. Other things on this list would be:
  • laundry - I hate the folding and putting away part
  • recipes - I have half of my favorite recipes typed into my computer and the other half just float around and I waste tons of time looking for them
  • photo albums - I only have about half of our photos in albums and I'm not even making them cute!
  • birthday cards - we made enough cards for the entire year and I have yet to send one out (we thought of you Kim, Ciarra, Grandpa, Susan, Nana, and Eden)
I could go on and on with this one but I think you get the idea. My only hope is that I will survive until graduation and then, maybe, my life will slow down a little. But on the brighter side of things, it is my birthday and so far the shoe fund is up to $155! All I can say is, new shoes always make me feel good. Now I just have to decide which ones to buy...